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  The Cockermouth Beekeepers Association was re-established in 1960 as a Branch of the Cumbria Beekeepers Association (Cumbria BKA). It had existed before the war, but earlier records have not survived and it is not known when the Branch was originally formed. 

Membership of Cockermouth Beekeepers Association

Membership of the Cockermouth BKA is open to anyone who keeps bees, or thinking of becoming a beekeeper, or interested in bee behaviour and who lives within Cockermouth or its surrounding area.  New and prospective beekeepers may attend and participate in any of the activities organised by the Cockermouth Branch and will be most welcome.

On payment of an annual membership fee  members are entitled to attend all activities and social events organised by any of the other six Branches of the Cumbria BKA. Members of the Cockermouth BKA are also members of the Cumbria BKA and through its affiliation to the British Beekeepers Association, are also members of the BBKA are entitled to the full range of national beekeeping services and educational opportunities, as well as insurance for beekeeping activities that the BBKA provides – essential in these litigious days.

Members of the immediate family of a fee-paying member  (ie husband / wife/ partner / children) automatically become Family Members of the Branch and of the Cumbria BKA, and are entitled to attend and take part in all activities and events organised by the Association and any of its Branches. No additional fees are payable by Family Members, but they are not entitled as individuals to any of the benefits and services provided by the BBKA


Local Branches






Swarm Collection Volunteers

Bill Mackereth

Mike Fitzgerald

Colin Hubbard

Committee Members

Ken Hodgson
The Rafters, Bellrigg Lonning, Cockermouth, Cumbria, CA13 9BX
Tel: (01900) 824998

Colin Hubbard
21 Cedar Lane, Cockermouth, Cumbria, CA13 9HN
Tel: (01900) 824414                                                    eMail:

Mr W Mackereth
6 Whiteside Ave, Cockermouth, Cumbria, CA13 9AR
Tel: (01900) 825188

Mike Fitzgerald
Swallow Barn, Low Green Farm, Gilcrux, Cumbria,        CA7 2QX
Tel: (016973) 20204

K Hodgson, G Little, J Curwen