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The members of Carlisle Beekeepers Association have between them many years experience in all aspects of beekeeping, honey and wax production, cooking with honey and a variety of craft skills

The articles below represent individual opinions and ideas ~ if you have any article you would like to add please let us know using the response form below.





Training & Advice

Hive Record Card ~ MS Word file

How to get bees from a National to a Langstroth
Peter Matthews

Hive Hygiene ~ Ian Homer

Knitting & Crafts

Knitted Bee ~ Lorraine Priestley

Encaustic Art ~ Lorraine Priestley

Bees in Books & Films

The Secret Life of Bees ~ book & film
Gentle coming of age story set in 1964 in North Carolina


Honey Bee on Flowering Currant ~ Walter McPhee
Flowering Currant ~ Walter McPhee

Email address

Cooking with Honey

Honey Recipes 1 ~ Lorraine Priestley

Honey Recipes 2 ~ Lorraine Priestley

Honey Recipes 3 ~ Lorraine Priestley

Honey Recipes 4 ~ Lorraine Priestley

Information Leaflets & Posters

Carlisle Beekeepers Association ~ leaflet

Oil Seed Rape ~ A4 poster

Orchards ~ A4 poster

Carlisle Branch Library

Carlisle Branch has a library of books and videos for loan to members.


1. Bees and Beekeeping ~ Diemer
2. Bees at the Bottom of the Garden ~ Campion
3. Guide to Bees and Honey ~ Hooper
4. Garden Plants Valuable to Bees ~ Bee Research Association
5. Principles of Practical Beekeeping ~ Couston
6. Queen Rearing ~ Couston
7. Swarming, its Control and Prevention ~ Snelgrove
8. Basic Beekeeping ~ Meyer
9. ABC of Beekeeping
25. Teach Yourself Beekeeping ~ Vernon
12. Queen Rearing ~ Snelgrove
14. Curative Properties of Honey and Bee Venom ~ Yoirish
15. Bees in the Curriculum ~ BBKA School Pack
16. Basic Beekeeping for Beginners ~ John Skinner


18. Dancing for their Supper ~ Sheffield University
20. Beekeeping with John Furze
13. Workshop on Queen Rearing
17. An Introduction to Beekeeping ~ Paul Metcalf