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Cumbria Beekeepers Association is run by a committee of officials elected at the AGM each year. All members can stand for election at the AGM.  Members are welcome to contact the county officials directly, however the local branches will normally be the first point of contact

County Officials

Cumbria President
Stephen Barns

Ian Gregory ~

Chair of the Executive Council
Walter McPhee ~ Carlisle

Sara Barns

Melanie Vincent ~ Keswick

Executive Council
Stewart Beattie

Dennis Chambers

Rebecca Iverson

Walter McPhee

Nick Mills

Graham Pinches

Richard Robison

Val Sullivan

Peter Weatherill

Nathan Woodhead                    

Plus two members from each branch

Membership Secretary

Peter Weatherill cumbrialist@gmail.com

Life Members of Cumbria BKA
J Skinner ~ N R Mills ~ T I Curry ~ J Harris ~ S Beattie

Cumbria Bee Times ~ Editor
Ian Gregory

BBKA ~ Examination Secretary
Stewart Beattie cbkaexamsec@gmail.com


Bee Inspectors

Regional Bee Inspector
Ian Molyneux
Tel: (01204) 381186


Cumbria Seasonal Bee Inspector


BeeBase Registration

National Bee Unit Tel: 0300 3030094


Spray Liaison Officers

These are arranged at branch level
Please contact your nearest Branch Secretary


          Dandelion - Walter McPhee

Cumbria Meetings - 2018

Cumbria Executive meetings - 2:00pm at Southey St, Keswick

Date of Next meeting

Asset List of equipment for loan


Minutes From Committee Meetings

   8th September 2018

   26th May 2018

   24th March 2018

   3rd February 2018 

   2nd December 2017

   7th October 2017

   5th August 2017

   5th May 2017

   28th November 2016

   17th October 2015

   4th October 2014

   6th September 2014


Page last updated 20th May 2017