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Editor:   Ian Gregory


(Views expressed in this newsletter are those of the editor and do not necessarily represent those of  the CBKA)

The 'Bee Times' was originally the creation of William Dodd who came from a farming family at Ousby.  He started it the late 1950s as a means of keeping members of the Branches of the Cumberland and Westmorland Beekeepers Association informed about beekeeping events, and as a source of advice on beekeeping matters.  William Dodd was one of the people who revived the Association after the Second World War and served it as Secretary, President and Past-President until his death. 

William Dodd produced about four or five issues of the Bee Times every year, on an old ink duplicating machine from typed stencils; the copies were distributed by hand to all the members of the Association by the Branch Secretaries. He wrote 100 editions of the Bee Times over a period of many years and then decided, sometime in the late 1970s that it was time for someone else to take over.

John Skinner then agreed to edit and issue the Bee Times, using a computer and printer to produce the copies for distribution; he produced another 100 issues of the newsletter over the next twenty years.  David Bates, at that time Secretary of the Penrith Branch became the next editor until the responsibility was taken over by Val Sullivan, the present editor and Chairman of the Cumbria BKA.  

John Skinner

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